Welcome to our puppies Website, Brookside
kennel located in central Ohio where you can find
good Clean and Healthy puppies for sale.
Beabulls( English Bulldog/Beagle cross),
YorkieChon  (Yorkie/Bichon cross),
Yorkiepoo(Yorkie/Poodle cross),
Bichpoo (Bichon/Poodle cross) and French pugs,
also a few AKC purebreeds Poodle, Bichon ,
and Shihtzu..
We also offer to the door Van delivery.
You must have puppy paid in full before
delivery..The fee is $250 to $350, to the
following states only......

Ohio    Pennsylvania     New York

Massachusetts    Maryland     New Jersey

Connecticut    Vermont     New Hampshire

Virginia     West Virginia      Michigan      

Illinois      Indiana       Kentucky
My name is Willis and my Family and I, raise our
puppies with tender loving care and aim for
excellent social skills. We also feed the best
puppy food to our puppies. Life Abundance,
"information about Life abundance is located on
the Health, Food, and Guarantee page"..
We offer airline shipping for an additional 300-
$380 on top of the pup's Price. If doing Airline
shipping all monies must be paid in advance.
We offer airline shipping to all the states
Deposits are made through paypal and require
$150 to hold a puppy and are nonrefundable. If
doing pickup you can pay the rest in full at that
time, but if doing airline or van delivery it must
all be paid in advance...

Pickup: I'm available Monday thru Saturday
from 8 am to 8 pm

If you need directions please call me for

Phone Calls & Emails: I return all my calls or
emails ASAP, but Sunday is my day with my
family.  I don't return any emails or phone calls
on this day.

For more info,contact us directly at:
brooksidekennel@yahoo.com or 330-600-9484

With warm regards, Willis :)
Brookside Kennel
"Home Raised Puppies"
Poochon Puppies for sale in New York, Pennsylvania,
Massachusett,Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan,Illinois,
Indiana, Kentucky. Yorkiechon Puppies for sale in Ny, Pa, Ma,
Md,Va,Wv,Mi, IL, Ind,Ky, Oh, Nj, Nh, Ct,Vt. Bulldog Puppies for sale in
NY, Pa, Ma Md,Va,Wv,Mi,Il,Ky,Oh,Ind, Nj,Nh,Ct,Vt. French pug Puppies
for sale in  NY, Pa, Ma,Md,Va,Wv,Mi,IL,Oh,Ky,Ind, Nj,Nh,Ct,Vt. Poodle
puppies for sale in NY, Pa, Ma,Md,Va,Wv,Mi,IL,Oh,Ky,Ind, Nj,Nh,Ct,Vt.  
Bichon Puppies for sale in NY,Pa, Ma,Md,Va,Wv,Mi,IL,Oh,Ky,Ind, Nj,
Nh,Ct,Vt. Yorkiepoo Puppies for sale in NY, Pa,
Ma,Md,Va,Wv,Mi,IL.Oh,Ky,Ind, Nj,Nh,Ct,Vt.

Shihtzu Puppies for sale in New York, Pennsylvania,
Massachusett,Maryland,Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio,
Michigan,Illinois,Indiana,Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Jersey,
Connecticut, Vermont.. Yorkiepoo Puppies for sale in Ny, Pa,
Ma,Md,Va,Wv,Mi,IL,Ind, Oh,Ky, Nj,Nh,Vt,Ct..English Bulldog Puppies
for sale in Ny, Pa Ma,Md,Va,Wv,Mi,IL,Ind,Ky, Oh, Nj,Nh,Vt,Ct...Beabull  
Puppies for sale in NY, Pa, Ma,Md,Va,Wv,Mi,IL,Ky,Ind, Oh, Nj,Nh,Vt,Ct..
Morkie Puppies for sale in Ny, Pa,Ma,Md,Va,Wv,Mi,Il,Ky,IndOh,Nj,Nh,
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